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What A Few Clients Say…

We take our clients seriously and their opinions matter. Please take a minute to review what are clients are saying about the Cutter Law Firm. Please send us and email and let us know about your experience.

“When I met with  my attorney, he explained in detail how he works and how the system works. Until then, no one had ever taken the time to explain it to me.”

Hector Perez

“I doubt there’s any other attorney in town that works as hard as Scott. He’s top notch as an attorney and as a person. The consideration he showed toward our family would be hard to beat.”

A Grateful Client

“When they said they would do all they could for me, they meant it.”

Rosalie Gerhardt

“As a now retired U.S. Administrative Law Judge who heard Social Security disability appeals for ten years, I often had the pleasure to observe first hand the consummate professionalism and expertise of attorneys Rob Linscott and Scott Cutter. Mr. Linscott and Mr. Cutter tried many Social Security and Supplemental Security Income disability cases before me, and I consistently found them well prepared, thoroughly versed in the facts of their clients’ cases and the applicable law, and articulate and persuasive in the courtroom. They routinely obtained all documentary evidence, particularly medical records, applicable to their client’s cases in a timely manner; researched and fully briefed and argued the facts and law in support of their clients’ claims; effectively and deftly introduced evidence and examined witnesses at trial; drafted well-supported and thorough post-hearing briefs and recommended decisions; and in all respects zealously represented their clients within the bounds of the law. I commend Mr. Linscott and Mr. Cutter most highly for their consistent professionalism and Social Security disability expertise. It is my opinion that any Social Security or Supplemental Security Income disability claimant who wants to obtain effective and professional representation would be well served by JLC Law.”

John J. Rubin