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For many people, applying for Social Security Disability benefits is an intimidating process. At the Cutter Law Firm, we want to make things as simple as possible. This starts with answering your questions. Below are some common questions and concerns we hear from clients.

Does this firm or attorney offer any special advantages that will help me win my claim?

The Cutter Law Firm was among the first law firms in the region to become completely dedicated to the practice of Social Security Disability law. It’s all we do … and we do it well! Our clients get an extra edge because we focus 100 percent of our resources on helping clients win disability benefits.

Will this firm or attorney really pay attention to me?

The attorneys and staff at our firm strive to make clients feel comfortable and at ease. Our team is friendly, professional and genuinely concerned about clients’ well-being. We listen … and really hear what you’re saying!

How do I know if this firm or attorney will keep their promises?

The Cutter Law Firm cares about clients’ rights. We care so much that we’ve crafted a Bill of Rights© that clearly explains what clients can expect from our firm. We’re committed to honoring this pledge.

Are there hidden charges? What does "free" really mean?

When you work with our firm, there are no surprises. The initial consultation is free. If you hire our attorneys to represent you, there are no charges until disability benefits are awarded. At that time, the firm receives an authorized fee of 25 percent of past due benefits, not to exceed $6,000.

Will this firm or attorney think my case big enough or important enough to deserve the attention of an experienced lawyer?

At  the Cutter Law Firm, every client counts. We’re not like other firms where legal assistants are the primary contact for clients. When you choose the Cutter Law Firm, you’ll meet your attorney the first time you visit our office. As your case is developed, you can expect to hear from your attorney on a regular basis. You’ll get the attention you deserve.